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With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
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Monday, February 24, 2014

The more they stay the same

Not yet

Lillian and I  haven't written the recap for this week's episode yet.   Last week's, if you missed it, is HERE.   But here's a little click-bait to keep you entertained until we get it finished:

So I appreciate that Julian Fellowes refers to actual historical figures in his scripts.  Some are obvious, like the King and Queeen, and some seem like fluff:  having Australian opera singer Kiri Te Kanawa play the part of an actual Australian opera singer of the period, Nellie Melba.  And it seems he got that wrong, too.

But on the final episode--"The Christmas Special" for those in Britain and some other countries, Julian wrote in two characters whom we mixed up for  the entire first hour.  We finally got them sorted out and looked the actresses up in the Season Five cast list to see if we really had to pay attention or could just forget them both, and OH MY STARS AND GARTERS Freda Dudley-Ward was a real live human.  She was a married mother and "friend", or "confidante" for those too discreet to say mistress, of the Prince of Wales, who became King George for a few minutes before abdicating to marry a different mistress, Wallis Simpson.

Of course all we could think of was Camilla Parker-Bowles, who was Prince Charles's mistress for so many years (and she was also married with children).  I know things are different across the pond, and the monarchy is a peculiar type of business, but still!  At one point Mrs Dudley-Ward would have been invisible, but there she was acting as a party date to the Prince of Wales, as bold as brass.  To her credit, Camilla kept to the shadows until Princess Diana was cold in her grave.  And as time passes, even nerdy old Princes Charles seems like sort of an okay guy.  (Even though I want to carry a grudge, as I get older  I realize my indignation might be misplaced.  You just never know the whole story, do you?)

There's still a lot going on here to keep us from finishing the recap, but I know when we're finally done we'll feel bereft until Season Five starts (for us cheaters) in September.  Thanks for sticking with us!

Friday, February 14, 2014

That'll do, pig

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all

The thing about posting the last week's recap on a Friday is only having two days to get the next one written!  Yes, we brought it on ourselves.  Yes, we love doing it (or maybe; we love having done it.)  But when people read them and share them and we see the page-views go up and up…well, that's a pretty nice reward.  Thanks, everyone!

Hurry on over to:   Anybody Can Do Anything Especially Lillian

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time out


I hate to say it, but the recap will be late this week.  I hope not for long!  There is just too much other LIFE in the way right now.  Mostly, I am uncomfortable to admit, my life.


Lillie and I are a team, and until we can do this together, the recaps will just have to wait.  We truly want each one to be everything you have come to expect.

Thanks, readers!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Super Bowl?

If all the scenes were like this one, we wouldn't have anything to write about.  But--not all the scenes were like this one, so we were busy again this week.  What a season we have here!

What are we going to learn about Baxter?

What will Edith decide to do about her problem?  And her other problem?

Who will Mary pick?

Will Tom stay--or go?

And when are Martha and Harold ever going to get here?

Anna?  Daisy?  Isobel?  Rose? So many story lines...

As the season ramps up we are definitely beginning to think about the end, aren't you?

Here's what Lillian and I have to say about that.