Good humor makes all things possible.
-Charles Schultz-

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
-Shakespeare-The Merchant of Venice-

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I can see clearly now

Today I got a box from Amazon (the North Pole for grownups except they send things all year long; all you need is a list.  And a charge card; unlike Santa who only requires a chimney and blind faith.) Amazon sent me a five pound tub of food grade citric acid powder.  In the past, Amazon has sent me diapers, peanut butter, silver earrings, Bare Minerals, books, and more.  They always know what I want, and they send it to me.

You may not think that you need citric acid powder but you are wrong.  This is why.  Region by region, dishwashing detergent has been begun appearing on store shelves without phosphates.  I'm sure those demon phosphates are just terrible; Google will be happy to explain it to you.  But phosphates do one thing very very well.  They make your dishes and glasses and silverware sparkle.  Without phosphates, everything comes out of the dishwasher looking like you threw a cup of milk in the rinse cycle.  If you have hard water, make that two cups of milk.  Cloudy dishes are coming to your neighborhood soon.  It's not easy being green.

Then I learned about a product called LemiShine which is citric acid in an adorable little canister with a price like a Starbucks grande.  But Amazon, who has EVERYTHING, has plain citric acid powder in a big white tub for cheap.  I'll have sparkling glassware until I die of old age.  And I can make homemade fizzy bath bombs with epsom salts.  Oops--now everyone knows what they're getting for Christmas.

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