Good humor makes all things possible.
-Charles Schultz-

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
-Shakespeare-The Merchant of Venice-

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The stork visits Downton Abbey

Season Three, Episode Five Recap

I was going to name this post "All of us hungry" but then you'd all be wondering what you missed in Sunday's episode.  Make no mistake, things might be tough over at the manse, but there is plenty to eat and lots of staff to carry the platters upstairs.  Lillian and I have been hard at work trying to cobble together a recap post.  It was no picnic this week, as you can imagine.

Just like last week, we noticed right away there were a few brief scenes on PBS that didn't appear in the UK version.  While none of them changed the story, they definitely added vital information.  
If you buy the series on Amazon or wherever, make sure you get the PBS version!


Picnics make me think of all the carb-y foods I'm avoiding lately; but somehow, it's working.  I'm down another pound this week.  (Yay me!)  At first I just counted carbs (I eat about seventy-five grams a day) but this week I went back to logging my food into which keeps track of my calories (about twelve hundred), too.  I thought for sure that all-you-can-eat protein would translate into double the calories, but a lot of low-carb foods are low-cal, too.  Maybe the combination of low-calorie and low-carbohydrate eating will finally start to shift some of the blub I've accumulated while hiding from my responsibilities these last couple of years.  

But enough about me.  Go HERE to read this week's recap and remember next week can only be better.


Well, you KNEW she was going to have that baby sooner or later.

Meanwhile, back in the good old days of cross-your-fingers pregnancies, labors and deliveries, Sybil's baby arrived.  How was it that her hair was so sweaty and her silk nightgown was so dry? It's like it was staged or something.  Real mothers called BS on that one right away.

Of course, then something worse than damp pajamas happened, and we regretted making fun of Sybil's droopy maternity clothes.  

No, don't go!  We promise you can wear whatever you want!

But she went.

And then came the saddest scene ever filmed.  Seeing Violet and Carson (two old comrades who know how things really get done) in a such Herculean display of British bravery reminded me that I'm a soft American who can't distinguish fiction from fact.  Compared to Edith's wedding day disappointment (even though we woke up thinking she'll land on her feet), there is no good news to temper this bad news.  Lillie and I both wondered if we should just get back to Pinterest until the season ends; but after a hard-boiled egg and a Kleenex we were ready to type.  If Violet can Keep Calm and Carry On, who are we to give up?

Can we ever get our funny back?

How about this, then?

So, is that Sam's new Rock Lobster?

Nope, this is the new Rock Lobster right here.

Stay in school, kids.