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-Charles Schultz-

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
-Shakespeare-The Merchant of Venice-

Monday, February 4, 2013

Beside each believer stands an angel...

--Catholic Catechism 336

Downton Abbey Season Three, Episode Six

Your writing team frantically pushing the deadline...(or; gracious my coffee table is a mess.)

Well, for a change, an episode that didn't make us cry too much.
For the first time this season we got through the entire hour without a box of Kleenex.
For our latest recap and all the previous ones, GO HERE.

That darn PBS!  Well not really because they actually did things right, but this episode has almost ten minutes of extra lines and even whole scenes that the UK version cut.
If you're watching PBS, rest assured you're getting the real deal.
Now I'm mad because even if I buy the series from Amazon, I won't get those lost minutes...
 I'll just have to watch the PBS ones as long as they're available...(Bougie problems)

If you're worried about spoilers, STOP RIGHT NOW!

Remember the Mary Tyler Moore Show?  Mary sat next to Murray, whose wife was named Marie?  I always loved that the writers did that.  Anyway, that's all I can think about now when the other  Mary and Murray appear in the same scene. And sometimes, I'm sorry to say, I swear I think of Ted Baxter when Robert starts yapping about Catholics or whatever.  Oh, Robert, is this how far we have fallen?  I think between now and Season Four I'm going to have to watch all the MTM episodes again, if I can find them.

Not yet, but soon, you'll see!  Anna may get to wear that French garter after all.  They OWE me that. He's been in prison for, what, about ten years now?  Poor Mr Bates.  I've suffered too. We all have.

I've been enjoying watching poor Isobel as she waits for Ethel to to turn into a real cook.  Ethel finally calls in the big guns--she asks Mrs Patmore for some cooking advice. Nobody gets a bad meal on Mrs Patmore's watch.

It's nice to see these two being sweet again, but when they pledge to love each other until their last breath, I get a cold chill.  All these plot twists have made me really twitchy!

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  1. Yeah, talk about a premonition of another Crawley widow...