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With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

So then I unfriended Julian

We can't even

****A few possible spoiler-type words follow; better skip it if you're not all caught up****

Well, what a season!  I guess we were WAY too happy at the end of LAST season when Matthew and Mary finally got engaged.  Following that tearful-cheerful-tearful formula, since they were officially broken up AND England went to war at the end of Season One, then NEXT year should end happily, right?  RIGHT?

Nope not yet

What do YOU think will happen?  Maybe some background episodes about Cora and Robert?  My spies hint at a new suitor for the Widow Mary, Edith is deep in her impossible romance, Tom is a free agent, Bates is just FREE, plenty of single people downstairs...the hard part will be waiting for it to start.  Your intrepid reporters are so dedicated to bringing YOU recaps (we have to know what is going on!) that we are likely to peek across the pond at the new episodes in September.  Of course--no spoilers will appear here until after each episode airs on PBS in the US.  We understand the element of suspense (we're just not very good at it.)

When Lillie and I decided to double-team these recaps we had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how long each one would take.  HOURS AND HOURS!  When PBS would sneak in two episodes on Sunday night we were never ready.  We hope to get a jumpstart on next season.

SO once again, thank you for joining us each week (or so) for these recaps.  We've LOVED writing them and look forward to opportunities to collaborate again.  Here's the recap:

And now, back to our regularly scheduled (or more likely, totally random) blog posts!

Wait--WHAT?  It's over?  For how long?

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